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Chicago Fire – 3×22 “Category 5” promo

Video: Chicago Fire Finds the Funny Where They Can


Chicago Fire – 3×20 “You Know Where To Find Me” promo + update

As you might noticed, I haven’t been able to update as much as I wanted to lately, but I’ll catch up with everything during the next few days, starting with the Chicago Fire screencaps.

The Girl Is In Trouble

The Girl Is In Trouble” is available on iTunes!


Chicago Fire – 3×19 “I Am The Apocalypse” promo

Photo by Yuri Sardarov

Mr. steal yo girl #truckgoals

A photo posted by Yuri Sardarov (@yursar) on

“The Girl is in Trouble” trailer

Daydreaming with Joe Cruz (Video)

Chicago Fire – 3×16 “Red Rag The Bull” promo

Chicago Fire – 3×15 “Headlong Toward Disaster” promo

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